GNOME 3.24 Released, See What`s New

After being in development for six months, GNOME 3.24 was released today, bringing improvements such as Night Light, weather information in the date / time indicator, along with updates to its applications, and more.Changes in GNOME 3.24One of the most interesting changes in the latest GNOME 3.24 is the addition of Night Light, a feature […]

How to Fix LibreOffice Scrolling Lag in Ubuntu

If you are using LibreOffice in Ubuntu 16.04 and later releases, chances are that you may be facing lags and sudden jumps while scrolling documents.This lag can be quite annoying as it makes editing documents difficult. Thankfully there is a pretty easy fix, just run the commands below.sudo apt remove libreoffice-gtk3 libreoffice-gnome && sudo apt […]

Hello Debugger!

Sometimes, we get ideas we wish we’d thought of sooner. A couple months ago, I got this one: break to the debugger from the source code. (Not specifically Linux, just a cool idea I had.)

Ubuntu Vibes All Time Stats

The first post on Ubuntu Vibes was published in April, 2010. Since then, I have published more than 1200 articles, before taking a break in April 2013.Below are all time Ubuntu Vibes stats providing some insights. Originally Published @ Ubuntu Vibes: Daily Ubuntu Linux Updates

Toughened up PC/104 SBC runs Linux

WinSystems unveiled a rugged “PCM-C418” SBC with a dual-core, Vortex86DX3SoC, Fast and Gigabit Ethernet ports, SATA and CF storage, and PC/104 expansion. The WinSystems PCM-C418 SBC offers a combination of PC/104 expansion, GbE and Fast Ethernet ports, shock and vibration resistance, and a Linux-friendly, x86-based Vortex86DX3 SoC — attributes shared by the Diamond Systems Helix […]

Blender – Your FOSS 3D Software

If you are into game development, video editing, or 3D modeling as a professional or a hobby, then Blender is a tool you should definitely look at. Blender is a FOSS solution/alternate to many commercial tools that are available and it is able to strongly match most of these commercial tools. Blender is a cross-platform […]

Two open source secure email services

As much we all complain about email, for most of us, email is still our primary conduit for online communication. That said, numerous hacks and revelations about government surveillance have made it clear that email is also one of the most vulnerable of those conduits.What you send via email is your business and yours alone. […]