What is HallowDemon.net?

HallowDemon.net is basically  a technology News aggregation site which mainly focusing on Ubuntu related articles and latest stories from Open source world. It also has some social networking capabilities. Each group in HallowDemon.net is supposed to serve as a support/discussion forum for a specific product/user community/Fan group/Sofware toolkits etc.

What are the activities I should not do in HallowDemon.net

The HallowDemon.net platform has a zero-tolerance policy against those who violate our rules. We expect quality content which is useful to other users than a bunch of useless content. Following are the rules to be followed to stay active in HallowDemon.net as well as eligible for redemption.

  • Do not post content that you did not write yourself.
  • Do not post obscene, defamatory, or (semi-)pornographic content
  • Do not add affiliate links to (semi-)pornographic websites
  • Do not post content which is not justifiable to the purpose of the group.

What if the group of my interest is not available in HallowDemon.net?

At present users cannot create groups in HallowDemon.net. If your interests are not match with any of the built-in groups, you are free to join in General Forum (http://www.hallowdemon.net/forums/forum/featured-forums/). General Forum does not have any topic restrictions. Moreover you can request for the creation of a new group by adding a new topic in General Discussion Forum. We will consider adding a new group if it has substantial potential.

Send Your Queries To: admin[at]hallowdemon.net