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SMPlayer 14.3.0 Released With Experimental Blue-Ray Discs Support

SMPlayer, the popular mplayer/mplayer2 GUI, has reached version 14.3.0, receiving improved fullscreen controls, experimental support for non-protected blu-ray discs and other changes.Changes in SMPlayer 14.3:experimental support for playing non-protected blu-ray discs;improved fullscreen controls;new audio presets added to the audio equalizer;better support for multimedia keys – this can help control SMPlayer with a remote control;new option […]

SAP opens its software under GPL

SAP announced on the 1st of April 2014 another strategic change in their licensing model. Not only MaxDB, but a whole set of other SAP applications, including ERP system, will be GPL-licensed.

Get Better Linux Desktop Performance With Ulatencyd

Ulatencyd is a daemon which constantly optimizes the Linux Kernel for best user experience. The default configuration tries to increase the responsiveness for a typical desktop system but you can use it on any type of system since it’s configurable (it supports the lua scripting language).The daemon basically tries to achieve the same thing as […]

How far will the Supreme Court go to stop patent trolls?

What kinds of software—if any—deserve a patent?It’s a basic question, and one that many thought would be resolved by now, especially since the issue came up in the US Supreme Court’s 2010 Bilski decision. But Bilski left the legal landscape more confusing and fractured. This was illustrated in dramatic fashion last year, when the nation’s […]

Supreme Court hears argument on a patent worthy of King Tut

That was followed by Justice Stephen Breyer’s question, which suggested the Alice patent is describing a method of settling accounts that is in fact ancient.”I mean, imagine King Tut sitting in front of the pyramid where all his gold is stored, and he has the habit of giving chits away,” said Breyer. “He hires a […]

More Secure SSH Connections

If you need remote access to a machine, you’ll probably use SSH, andfor a good reason. The secure shell protocol uses modern cryptographymethods to provide privacy and confidentiality, even over an unsecured,unsafe network, such as the Internet.

KDE Games – Does anybody play them?

When I installed openSUSE it came with a number of games pre-installed including Reversi, Patience, Sudoku, Mahjongg and Mines. This article takes a look at the games and asks the question “Who is playing them?” Do you play them? If nobody plays them why are they there?

SMPlayer 14.3 Release Ubuntu Installation

One of the new changes in the latest release of SMPlayer is the version system, which changed and now follows a two-digit year and month number, in a similar way to Ubuntu for example. So, the latest released is 14.3, after the previous was 0.8.6.