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TDE needs your help!

On Monday the equipment that cools the TDE build farm and servers wasdestroyed due to a combination of age and utility line problems. As aresult, the build farm is offline and will remain offline until thecooling equipment can be funded and replaced.

How To Install Popcorn Time From Source In Ubuntu

Popcorn Time is a new open source Netflix-style torrent streaming application which attracted a lot of media attention in the past few days. The application allows users to stream movies (with subtitles) at no cost, making it illegal in most countries and because of that, the Popcorn Time downloads were removed, at least for now.Since […]

Ubuntu Pops Up In TV News Report on Robotics

If you’re a Brit of a certain age then you’ll associate ‘Newsround‘ with a warm, post-teatime feeling of childish abandon. Take a moment to wipe an imaginary spaghetti hoop off of your chin before you move on. The daily news bulletin is aimed at kids between the ages of 9 – 12 and covers both real-word […]

Mini-PCIe sized COM runs Linux on ARM9 SoC

Ukraine-based Evodbg announced an extremely small, Linux-ready COM based on Freescale’s i.MX287 ARM9 SoC, and matching the form-factor of a mini-PCIe card. Although Evodbg’s 51 x 30mm “EV-iMX287-NANO” computer-on-module adopts the dimensions and connector style of common mini-PCIe cards, it does so with an entirely unique pinout. The module is based on Freescale’s several years-old […]

Distribution Release: Proxmox 3.2 "Virtual Environment"

Martin Maurer has announced the release of Proxmox 3.2 Virtual Environment edition, a Debian-based distribution offering a complete server virtualization management solution based on KVM and containers. From the press release: “Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH, developer of the open source server virtualization platform Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE), today….

An online Magna Carta: Berners-Lee calls for bill of rights for web

The inventor of the world wide web believes an online “Magna Carta” is needed to protect and enshrine the independence of the medium he created and the rights of its users worldwide.Sir Tim Berners-Lee told the Guardian the web had come under increasing attack from governments and corporate influence and that new rules were needed […]

SCO & NSA: The Great Digital Whack-A-Mole Game

Since leaving SCO, McBride’s life has continued with the sort of gangsteresque intrigue that defined him in the days when he was Linux’s public-enemy-number-one. Last May he made news when The Salt Lake Tribune reported that he had turned over a four year old audio recording of a conversation he had with Mark Shurtleff, who […]