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Stop Complaining, Gedit Is Better Than Ever

“People have been complaining about gEdit 3.12, which recently moved into Debian’s “testing” repository. Specifically, they’re complaining about the GUI. Many have lamented the old-style icon menu, which was removed, as is similarly being done to Totem (Videos), Nautilus (Files), and Disk Utility (Disks), among others. Personally, as a programmer, I honestly never used the […]

Easily Fixing Firefox 29

Short and easy method to return Firefox to its previous look and feel, with a side order of Linux and free software proselytizing. Some discussion of Debian’s renaming policy as well.

Deploying OpenStack made easy with Puppet

When it comes to managing infrastructure deployments of a certain size, even a ninja sysadmin can't do it all without some help. In fact, one might argue that knowing when and how to use IT automation tools for managing infrastructure is a prerequisite to getting your admin blackbelt. Enter Puppet.

Should You Upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04?

Linux distributions like Ubuntu are release based, which means when a new version rolls out, everyone rushes to upgrade. Many folks do this without a care in the world, believing that if the previous version worked great then the latest version should also be free of bugs.

Drupal 8's accessibility advantage

When it was released in 2011, Drupal 7 was the most accessible open source content management system (CMS) available. I expect that this will be true until the release of Drupal 8. Web accessibility requires constant vigilance and will be something that will always need attention in any piece of software striving to meet the […]

Why I (sometimes) love regular expressions

Command line wizards are forever encouraging the rest of us to learn regular expressions (regex). We’re told regex is elegant, powerful and incredibly useful.The downside is that regex can be seriously fiddly. One fly-spot out of place, and the code fails. For this reason I only use ‘non-simple’ regex when I absolutely have to. But […]

10 steps to migrate your closed software to open source

Difio is a Django based application that keeps track of packages and tells you when they change. It provides multiple change analytics so you can make an informed decision on when or what to upgrade. Difio was created as closed software, then I decided to migrate it to open source to allow for in-house deployments […]

How to make spreadsheets in a Linux terminal

If you are on a quest to get rid of your desktop environment and do everything from the console, well good luck with that. However, if you are a bit more serious, and would like to learn to do a new thing from the terminal, what about mastering spreadsheets? Sure, LibreOffice or any office suite […]

Level 3 claims six ISPs dropping packets every day over money disputes

Network operator Level 3, which has asked the FCC to protect it from “arbitrary access charges” that ISPs want in exchange for accepting Internet traffic, today claimed that six consumer broadband providers have allowed a state of “permanent congestion” by refusing to upgrade peering connections for the past year.Level 3 and Cogent, another network operator, […]

Mozilla offers FCC a net neutrality plan—with a twist

The Mozilla Foundation today is filing a petition asking the Federal Communications Commission to declare that ISPs are common carriers, but there’s a twist.The FCC doesn’t have to reclassify the Internet access ISPs offer consumers as a telecommunications service subject to common carrier regulations under Title II of the Communications Act, Mozilla says. Instead, the […]