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[Android] PAGF # 80

“Paid Apps Gone Free” (PAGF), is a new section on Ubuntu Vibes where we will post a list of paid Android apps that have gone free for a limited time. To know more about PAGFs, read our… [This is a content summary only. Click on the title link to see full content. First published on […]

KMail Bug Sent Encrypted Emails in Plain-Text — for 4 years

A KMail bug has inadvertently sent PGP encrypted emails in plain-text — for the past four years! A flaw in the ‘Send it Later’ feature, introduced in Kmail 4.11, allows users to schedule the time and date that emails are sent. Unfortunately, the feature was incompatible with the client’s OpenPGP implementation. This resulted in encrypted emails […]

Recurring Events Coming to GNOME Calendar

The GNOME Calendar app is to gain support for recurring calendar events in GNOME 3.26. Developer Yash Singh is working to add the relevant code necessary to support recurring events as part of the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2017. “Support for recurrent events already exists in Evolution calendar but it is lacking in GNOME […]

Development Release: SolydXK 9 Beta

Arjen Balfoort has announced the availability of a beta release of SolydXK 9, a desktop-oriented Linux distribution (now based on Debian 9) with a choice of Xfce 4.12 and KDE Plasma 5.8 user environments: “Debian Stretch has been released and it’s time for us to do the same….

Upcoming Fedora Atomic Host lifecycle changes

The Fedora Project ships new Fedora Server and Workstation releases at roughly six-month intervals. It then maintains each release for around thirteen months. So Fedora N is supported by the community until one month after the release of Fedora N+2. Since… Continue Reading →

Honeypots and the Internet of Things

There were a number of incidents in 2016 that triggered increased interest in the security of so-called IoT or ‘smart’ devices. They included, among others, the record-breaking DDoS attacks against the French hosting provider OVH and the US DNS provider Dyn. These attacks are known to have been launched with the help of a massive […]

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 718

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Debian 9 “Stretch”News: Debian updates live media, pfSense gains commercial support, Ubuntu testing new network configuration tool, openSUSE gains out of the box MP3 supportQuestions and answers: Distributions with support for even older hardwareReleased last week: OpenMandriva Lx 3.02, Debian Edu/skolelinux 9,….

3 mistakes to avoid when learning to code in Python

It's never easy to admit when you do things wrong, but making errors is part of any learning process, from learning to walk to learning a new programming language, such as Python.Here's a list of three things I got wrong when I was learning Python, presented so that newer Python programmers can avoid making the […]