Cirrus7 Nimbini — The Most Stylish Ubuntu PC Ever?

In the market for a new Ubuntu PC? You don’t have to look too hard these days to find a company, both big and small, offering a Tux-friendly product.
While many retailers offer run of the mill plastic boxes or off-the-shelf rebrands of ‘white box’ products from Taiwanese giants, the same can’t be said of German hardware company Cirrus7. Their bespoke Ubuntu-powered Cirrus7 Nimbus won a prestigious Red Dot design award last year.
Today the company is back with its latest offering, the new Cirrus7 Nimbini. 
The new NUC measures a mere 150x150x87mm in size, which is veritable Chromebox territory.
The Cirrus7 Nimbini
Like its bigger sibling the Nimbi is completely …Read More