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    Jitto P.Jose

    Once you decide to start a forum, this will be the first question come to your mind.
    Which forum software should be used.

    As a beginning, most of the users will think about the free options available. Most of the free forum softwares are matures to handle fairly large number of users and splendid with features..

    There are many free options available

    Simple Press
    bbPress etc..

    Hallow Demon uses bbPress as it’s forum softwares. Its not so commonly used. But many big forums use bbPress.

    Its a dead simple forum software and available as a wordpress plugin. The reasons for selecting bbPress as forum software for Hallow Demon were its simplicity, integration with Buddypress, less resource intensiveness and easy to apply wordpress themes

    Which is your choice of forum software? What made you select it?.. Share your story…. People will be keen to know your experience.

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    My forum software is MyBB, i chose it because of it is simplicity and ease of configuration. All the factors (including designing, settings etc..) are very simple and i have used this software around 2 years.

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    Security and functions is how we selected

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    I choose wordpress software because of easy customization and configuration of adding plugins and chosing themes.

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    Well I host and run my own server and so was fortunate enough to test them all in depth before making my decision.

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    I have two forums one’s running on phpBB and the other myBB, I prefer myBB as it more easier to use and themes ad plugins are much better than phBB.

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    Jitto P.Jose

    Wordpress is come to my mind as the first option when ever I need a ready to use software.. Whether it be blog or ecommerce or social network or fourm.. :) It has got alot of pluggins which is enough to run those websites..

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    Jitto P.Jose

    Recently I used to talk to many forum admins.. Most of them prefer MyBB.. I guess its a nice forum software.. In fact I didnot try that.. I already set with bbPress.. So cannot move in the near future.. Moreover I need a forum which is tightly integrated with buddypress and wordpress…

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    I looked at the perks of each platform. Functionality & design are important to me.

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    For my forums. I’ve used iPB and vBulletin in the past. I loved vBulletin 3.x series and thought it was a really solid platform, then Mike and Kier left to make Xenforo. So I followed them and migrated to the new platform knowing there would be a ton of vBulletin-sque ideas clearly visible from their days with vB and I knew it would be a quality and secure product.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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