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    Jitto P.Jose


    Many of you are already running a website. And you already know the difficulty in getting relevant followers to your website.

    Its very easy to get thousands of followers. But many of them are just following you to get some follow count when you follow them back. and there won’t be any use of such followers for you website. They will not read any of your posts.

    This was the problem I faced when I first tried to build followers. Then I identified one good way to get relevant followers.

    My website is a Linux/open source news sharing website. So I need followers who are interested in those topics as well as they should be normal users who take their follower’s twitter updates seriously.

    For that I identified a well known blogs which handle such subjects. And they were very popular in twitter too with tens of thousands followers. I started following users from that blog’s twitter account only. So by this at least I can make sure than majority of the followers are real twitter users.

    Then slowly I started getting more followers. Now I have more than 5000 followers. And 80% of the traffic to my website is generated by twitter account.

    Please share your twitter account strategy.. It may be useful to others..

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    I closed my Twitter account, too much spam, and no support. I use Facebook, but do not like Facebook either. There is a lot less spam on FB, still lack in support, but they do respond to reports.

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    Jitto P.Jose

    In case of twitter, we should expect hell of a lot of spam.. mostly 60% to 70%. But as the number twitter followers become huge, our relevant followers will have considerable impact on website traffic.

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    I have also started with this strategy for my latest project. It is too much in the early days to say whether it has or will work for me yet but I am hoping that it will at least make my site look active in terms of views and then hopefully some will convert to members. Fingers crossed!

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    I can’t really seem to get people to join my website off of Twitter or Facebook. I feel as though I waste a lot of time trying in that area.

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