If you had $10 million, would you still be working?

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    No, there would be no point. I would start some business’s and hire people to run them for me. I would give some of it to my family members. I don’t think you can blow that kind of money unless you go around buying 300,000 dollar cars and 2 million dollar houses left and right, lol. I guess I refer to the terminology of spread the wealth.

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    Having $10 million would be amazing however I am not sure I would be happy completely retiring and never working again. I would probably start up a business or something just so I still had a purpose even though I had a lot of money. Seems boring just stopping working because I had some money.

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    Oh totally! I would just be doing something I enjoy though. I would spend the money to go to school and get a degree in Environmental Biology and other related fields and then dedicate myself to trying to improve the quality of our world and all that Jazz :D . $10 mil could do a LOT of good, especially towards educating the public. And guaranteed it would be a lot of “work” lol ;)

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    Of course I would still be working, I would build more and more.

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