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    I learned Violin for a while but stopped studying it as i lost interest in it. Now i totally forgot how to play it :D

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    Jitto P.Jose

    I was intereted in Keyboard instrument in my childhood… Later my passion changed to computers.. so its not in my priority now.. :)

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    Never really played an instrument.
    I received a bass and an amp as gift, had an attempt to learn and play it..but, it wasn’t my thing. :D

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    I used to play the clarinet back in middle school. Started in the 7th grade, but by the time I was in 9th grade, I gave it up when the second semester started. I wanted to move on to something else.

    I just didn’t have it in me to practice, or play anymore.

    It felt more like a chore, work, and it also took focus as well as patience. Things I didn’t want to invest or contribute in anymore.

    I used to shadow play. Its where when the band plays, you pretend to play by thumbing the notes on your instrument. I was damn convincing at it too. I moved several chairs up, but I hated it. I never really played a note because I was out of practice and everyone ( honest) was better than me, and they believed I was better than them…and they never heard me play and if they did, it was out of the novice pages where all the basic notes were.

    I skipped going to the band concerts. Which put my grade at a C but it went up to a B-, they were mandatory and I still never told my parents that I had to go to it. I do remember going to one. I was at the school, but I saw this girl, so I talked to her while the band played.

    Still when I came to class the next day, the other band class mates were lecturing me telling that they needed me and that I was one of the best clarinets they had.

    ( Note: The difference between the high school class I was taking and the middle school class was the band teachers made you play individually. The high school teachers didn’t make you play individually. So….it was easy to sit there and thumb at the instrument and get by.)

    I had to step back. I was thinking ” I don’t even play a single note, and you think I’m good?”

    It totally went over my head. I had pretty much wandered through band class, and came out with a B- and I did nothing to earn it.

    I was surprised as well. I’m glad I never tried marching band and I wouldn’t have gotten by doing a shadow play.

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