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    I’ve always been a Desktop type, but if i could afford i’d buy a laptop too.
    Laptops are practical if you travel a lot or if you wanna hang and surf around when bored from the bedroom, but desktops in my opinion are the thing. Back in the day i had a laptop and another bad thin is that upgrading them costs way more that upgrading a pc and with how fast technology moves nowadays…your pockets can get empty quite quick.

    How about you? :)

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    For me, I’ve always liked Laptops. Downside to lap tops is that you can’t upgrade them. But oh well, I always buy a new one every 3 -4 years.

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    Jitto P.Jose

    I like Laptop because its easy to carry.. But if I have some serious work to do and no need to move from table, then I prefer desktop.. I felt like desktop is more solid than laptop. and easy to repair..

    The main problem I am facing with desktop is the power consumption…

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    I use laptop when I am at uni ..otherwise I will just use desktop :P

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    Laptop, I move around a lot.

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    I like laptops a lot better, they are so much more mobile

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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