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    Jitto P.Jose

    In this internet age, one cannot think about a computer without a browser. I remember the times when people’s only knowlege about browser is the ‘e’ simbol on the desktop. And IE was the worst browser I have ever seen. It imporved alot in these years. But still not good comparing to Chrome and Firefox.

    IE was the king when I started using internet. I didnt know whether any other browser exist. Release of Firefox really changed the way people use internet. It was really damn good browser comparing to only available IE at that time.

    Later Chrome came and it overtook Firefox. But still I am a firefox fan. I am confortable with it for normal browsing. I use chrome only when I need some special extertions to be used which is not available for Firefox.

    What is your favourite browser? What made you choose that?.. Please share your experience below…

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    I always like Google Chrome. It is very lightweight and simple and fast. I spend most of my time on the internet and therefore require the speed that Chrome offers me. It has been the go-to for a long while with me and I couldn’t see myself using something else.

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    Google chrome :D
    It is fast…really fast ;)

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    Chrome, unfortunately.
    Breaking a habit it’s difficult :( haha.

    Chrome is very problematic…at random time would just stop functioning, youtube videos are blocking for no reason and what not. Firefox was way way better, but it’s kinda slow.

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    I love to use Mozilla Firefox and sometimes the Tor browser.

    Mozilla is probably the fastest browser I’ve ever used and I have less problems with it.

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    I use Google Chrome and Firefox but the one i am using now is Comodo Dragon it’s quite good

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    I was always a fan of Internet Explorer, and I always have liked it and never understood why people did’t like. I currently use Google Chrome so that way it syncs all of my bookmarks and history between my phone, tablet, Windows 8.1, and Ubuntu. The only browsers I have ever liked were IE and Chrome, and I don’t think I would be switching browsers again anytime soon.

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    Jitto P.Jose

    In fact this is for the first time someone say that they like IE… My horrible IE experience started with IE6… it was a real headache when we had to develop website with new web technologies…

    Firefox and Chrome updates regularly.. so we are always using newest and greatest technologies always with them… but I dont think IE update are that frequent..

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    I used IE once…. to Download Firefox lol and I’ve never looked back. I hear other browsers are more vulnerable. I can stand to take a hit to speed for the increased security. :D

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    Seems Mozilla is one of the best browsers used by a lot of people. I felt it was faster than Internet Explorer when I first started using it.

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