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    Jitto P.Jose

    In recent time, I am browsing through many forums.. one thing I noticed was, Most of the forums have similar in appearance, layout. I know almost all of the most pupular forum software has similar structure.

    May suggestion is try some different themes to make the forum unique. or use a forum software which has a different look.

    I am not a designer. So design a new theme is out of my scope. So I searched for a different looking forum and finally settled in bbPress (a wordpress plugin)

    Once Hallow Demon grows with a lot of users, I will consider buying a paid theme which give much more improved look for bbPress forum..

    What is your openion about imporving forum look?

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    I also noticed that.. but Its Ok.. Even though some of them has dull look, they might contain good topics and discussion.. Which I value most.

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    Yeah, it does seem a majority of forums under the same brand of designer have the same look.

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    I like that. There is familiarity between sites and that makes them easier to use.

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