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  • At current I am using Windows 8 however I personally would have rather stuck to Windows 7 as I felt that was my better option in operating system. Windows 8 is not bad it’s just an awkward one to get used to and Windows 7 seemed a lot simpler.

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    I would say about 1 a year probably not even that sometimes if the phone I currently have is working great for me. I got a new phone myself this year just a few months ago and I am hoping that one lasts me a while and I don’t need another at least for a year or so.

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    Do we have any fans of Chicago Fire here? I personally am a huge fan and Season 3 just started last night! :D I am still yet to watch the first episode of Season 3 which will be on Hulu within the next hour so I am really looking forward to that.

    Both the first 2 seasons were great and definitely kept me hooked, I can even sit and watch the…[Read more]

  • I think when I first set up my forum the only challenges I faced were what forum software to use, what forums I should start off with that I knew would be popular and also getting a theme I knew would be good and would not turn people away up on seeing it.

  • Having $10 million would be amazing however I am not sure I would be happy completely retiring and never working again. I would probably start up a business or something just so I still had a purpose even though I had a lot of money. Seems boring just stopping working because I had some money.

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    Hey there! I am Nikki but you can call me Shortie! I live in England, UK and I love to post on forums, spend time with friends and family, run forums and I am a big gamer chick. Looking forward to posting here :)

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