Seagram Inventory

Seagram Inventory is an open source inventory management application for desktop, built using web technologies. It was originally developed for a surgical equipment dealer. Now we wish to open source it so that others with similar requirements can make use of it.

Seagram InventoryThe aim when we started this project was not creating an advanced inventory management system which replaces existing players, but create a simple, easy to use software for small offices which does not require any technical skill or training to install and operate.

Seagram Inventory is not a finished project. Its under active development. Presently it can handle purchase/sale invoices, simple purchase/sale reports, manage products in different categories etc. But these are nowhere near the feature set required for a production quality inventory management software.

Technologies used

Libraries used

Support Seagram Inventory
We need your support to make Seagram Inventory feature rich, at the same time without compromise on simplicity. You can support us by suggesting new features you want to see or by reporting bugs via forum in our official support page.
Please join the following group (Login using Facebook Id) to use support forum.

How to Install Seagram Inventory
Download Seagram Inventory from the following link
Download Now
Run the installer by double clicking on it.

After the installation there will be one default Admin user. Credentials for the default user is as follows.
User name: Admin
Password: Admin


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